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Who accompanies you 24/7? Your mobile phone.

The phone is your eyes, vividly capturing every moment that matters.

The phone is your friend, sharing a better perspective of the world.

The phone is your lover, seeing the beautiful soul deep inside you.

You deserve a great camera phone,
BUT how do you find the best one?

Phone & Photo is here to help you find the right phone with no fuss. You make the right friend using your heart instead of evaluating them in monetary terms or with "spec." It’s the same when you're looking for the right camera phone.

Why we created Phone & Photo

We believe the camera is one of the most important and meaningful things in our lives. It’s definitely worth your time and effort to discover a good one. The best camera is the one that’s always with you, and nowadays the one is usually in a phone.
But do you sometimes feel confused and frustrated by smartphone specs? How come a budget phone features a 20-megapixel camera whereas a high-end flagship phone camera only has 13 megapixels? Does having more megapixels mean taking a better picture? Is a quad-camera superior to a dual-camera?
Tests speak louder than specifications. Forget those digits and dazzling advertising words - to see ( the actual performance of each phone camera ) is to believe.

Blind tests to find your true-love camera phone

Phone & Photo creates standard studio scenes and compiles photos from different mobile phones for blind tests. By comparing mobile phone images taken under the same light conditions and with the same camera settings, you can vote for the picture you love the best in each scene to help you find your ideal phone.

Our test has no secret

To be as fair as we can to you, we control all the studio conditions, including the light angle, luminance, and color temperature. For the camera settings, we usually choose the "Auto" mode to avoid manual interference and fit most people's natural behavior as it happens.

We know a selfie camera matters to you

When time, as well as your youth, is slipping away, only the camera can freeze those precious moments. This is why Phone & Photo has developed the selfie test, which will, hopefully, help you figure out which selfie phone is going to capture the best of you. In your old age, you might be grateful to the phones that have helped you capture such wonderful times, allowing you to remember your whole life in such a beautiful way.

It’s more than Phone & Photo

This is a team who loves exploring the unknown. We are pursuing our ideal lifestyle- making a living by traveling, photographing, and sharing exciting discoveries and fun insights with the world.
Children with visual disability are also our concern. Our mission is to enable more people to see their loved ones, fascinating spring flowers, and stunning sunsets, just like you and me.
We welcome you to become one of our very special local photographers or our money-minded business partners. Feel free to fire off an email ( [email protected] ) to us when you're in a happy mood.